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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Welcome to the Professional Dev. Advisory Committee Blog!

Hi everyone--
Here is the new blog for the Professional Development Advisory Committee. Please use this space to communicate with one another, to post your committee minutes and to otherwise share information.
Thanks for your work on behalf of ARC.


  • Minutes of the ARC Professional Development Advisory Committee Meeting
    Friday, April 1, 2005
    College of the Holy Cross

    Committee Members: Debbie Bockus, WPI; Margaret Cardello, CMRLS; Peg Lesinski, AAS; Lynne Riley, Holy Cross; Linda Oldach, MWCC.

    Attendees: Debbie, Margaret, Peg, Lynne

    The committee reviewed its goals as outlined in the ARC Strategic Plan. Debbie asked if we were limited to planning just one event or can we do more. Lynne will check with Dawn Thistle. Update 4/6/05: We may do one large conference or several smaller ones.

    Margaret Cardello brought draft copies of the most recent annual CMRLS Continuing Education survey. The survey should be available electronically in May via a link on the CMRLS web site. This committee would like to “piggyback” off of the CMRLS survey. The survey will be amended to include “Type of Library” of each respondent and perhaps a question or two directed specifically at academic libraries. This survey is a new version; based on member feedback, CMRL is keeping it brief. The committee is very pleased that Margaret has agreed to join us for meetings on a regular basis.

    Regarding funding sources, the CMRLS continuing education budget is typically around $15K per year.

    Peg suggested an all day conference similar to the ones that NETSL and ACRL feature, with a keynote speaker, sessions of general interest scheduled in the morning and break out sessions offered in the afternoon. Others thought that this is a good idea providing we can obtain adequate meeting space and a speaker.

    The committee will solicit ideas from the ARC SIGS via the ARC listerv a couple of weeks before the CMRLS survey is posted. The committee can also review the professional literature and other library consortium’s professional development offerings for possible “hot” topics of interest. Many ideas were discussed for possible topics of interest:

    • using Blackboard for student worker training
    • marketing academic libraries
    • MLA’s new Paralibrarian program (Debbie and Lynne serve on the committee); The program may be “live” this fall. We will ask the ARC directors to encourage their paraprofessional staff to participate. Deb will look into getting a speaker, possibly the founder of NY State’s paralibrarian program.
    • how to write grants
    • motivating library staff (not just student workers)

    The committee will try to meet again in June, after Margaret has had a chance to assess results from the CMRLS Continuing Education Survey.

    By Blogger Lynne Riley, at 12:19 PM  

  • Minutes of the ARC Professional Development Advisory Committee Meeting
    Tuesday, June 21, 2005 10:00 a.m. Faculty Room
    College of the Holy Cross

    Attendees: Debbie Bockus, WPI;
    Margaret Cardello, CMRLS; Peg Lesinski, AAS;
    Linda Oldach, MWCC; Lynne Riley, HC

    The committee reviewed the minutes of the April 1st meeting.

    Margaret Cardello distributed copies of the results from the CMRLS Continuing Education Survey. One surprising result was the fact that slightly more academic librarians responded to the survey than public librarians. CMRLS plans to put out their Continuing Education brochure by mid-August.

    Several different types of programs are currently under discussion.

    Topics: Technology-related programs include:
    • Blackboard training for student workers (Debbie)
    • Federated searching (Linda)
    • Digital Libraries (Linda)
    • Margaret will contact Linda Braun about doing a session on cutting-edge technologies. Update, 6/22/05: Linda is interested in doing a workshop. Some of the topics she has been working on with academic libraries are podcasting, Camtasia for online tutorials, RSS, and text messaging.

    Christine Turner from UMA Amherst was also mentioned as a possible moderator.

    Although CMRLS has recently done programs on emerging technologies, we feel that there is enough interest to warrant additional programs as well as a wide variety of topics to offer. Our program could be “Emerging Technologies…The Sequel” or something on that idea.

    Update, 6/23/05: Lynne sent out the link to LITA’s top technology trends so we can get some more ideas on what to consider for future programs.

    Other Programs:
    • Update, 7/6/05: Margaret suggested the topic of plagiarism, a symposium that John Degon from Assumption is interested in working on.
    • Copyright/TEACH Act (Linda)
    • Role of vendors in continuing education (Margaret)
    • Information literacy and outcomes assessment (Linda)
    • Larry Spongberg suggested a program geared to non-library staff on “how to obtain materials form other libraries.” This could be done in conjunction with COWC. Update, 6/23/05: Debbie Bockus suggested an FAQ format of services common to ARC members along with blurbs on each library’s special services. We could use a short survey to gather the information. Speakers could briefly explain their institution’s unique services too.

    Half day sessions are being considered, due to the difficulty of many staff to commit to an all-day session. Lecture followed by roundtable discussions is the suggested format.

    Program scheduling will take into account other area conferences:
    • ACRL Dartmouth Biomedical Libraries' 9th Annual October Conference for New England Librarians: "Collaborations on Campus: Opportunities for New Partnerships" Friday, October 7th, 2005
    • NELA Conference October 16-18, 2005
    • MLA’s 21st Century Literacies conference Nov. 17 and 18, 2005
    • PLA’s PreConference, Boston, March 21 and 22, 2006

    The next meeting will take place at Holy Cross at 12:30 p.m. on Thursday, July14, 2005.

    By Blogger Lynne Riley, at 11:08 AM  

  • Minutes of the ARC Professional Development Advisory Committee Meeting

    Wednesday, October 5, 2005
    Worcester Polytechnic Institute

    Attendees: Lynne Riley, WPI; Debbie Bockus, WPI; Debbie Carney, Becker;
    Peg Lesinski, AAS

    Program Topic Survey
    Margaret Cardello emailed the results of our committee’s topic survey that we had sent out in August. From a choice of 6 possible topics that were proposed for our Spring ’06 program, Emerging Technologies ranked highest in interest level by 35% of survey participants, with an additional 33% ranking this topic second highest in interest. “Spring” and “Tuesday morning” are the preferred program times. Complete survey results are available at the following link:

    Library Services for ARC Staff
    The program idea that was forwarded to our committee last June by Dawn Thistle was discussed for much of this meeting. The idea, which originated with Assumption librarian Larry Spongberg, was to co-sponsor a program with the Colleges of the Worcester Consortium (COWC) that would highlight the ARC services that are available to all ARC institution staff members rather than just library staff. While we feel that this would be a very worthwhile program as well as an excellent promotional tool, it was decided that this type of program was not a good fit for what our committee has officially been charged to do. The committee has declined to officially co-sponsor the event; however various committee members came up with a list of some of the services that their libraries and institutions offer. Some committee members would also be happy to support the event by offering to participate or help the planning in some way. Lynne will provide input to the COWC committee that is planning this program at their meeting on 10/20 at Holy Cross. Some of the services we came up with were:

    Becker - veterinary clinic at the Leicester campus and associated library
    WPI - archives photographic/art exhibits; topical exhibits in library lobby
    AAS - weekly tours, brown bag lunches featuring noted authors/scholars,
    Pulitzer prize winners

    Services in general: collection strengths, subject databases, reference help,
    Archives and Special Collections. Worcester art Museum passes, WPL passes to zoos, museums, and other places of interest to children

    Program could feature the ARC card; who, what, when, where, why, how…
    Cross-borrowing information, variations in policies for specific institutions, how to find events listing (Social Web), directions, hours, and parking information, etc.

    The next meeting will be held at WPI on Thursday, November 3rd at 2:00 p.m.

    By Blogger Lynne Riley, at 11:45 AM  

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